Spotlight: Get to Know Matthew David and His Minimalist Style

I would happily wear a pair of all black leather Converse Chuck Taylor High-Tops every day for the rest of my life.

We recently had the grand opportunity to hang out with Matthew David and chat about his unique style, current streetwear trends, his inspiration and his travels. Check out what the Sydney-based fashion and lifestyle blogger had to say as he took us through the industrial alleyways of the city.

MC: Firstly, describe the main themes of your own personal style.

MD: I find it pretty hard to classify my style in one or two themes since it changes day to day, depending on my mood. I’d say that it primarily ranges from streetwear, to classic minimalism, to tailored and semi-formal outfits.

MC: How did you find a style to call your own? How did it develop into what it is today?

MD: My style evolved from many, many trials and errors of experimenting with looks and pieces which were out of my comfort zone, wearing them a few times and deciding whether or not they worked with my overall personal style. I did this for years, and still continue to do it to some extent.

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MC: Your photos are almost always very urban and minimalist. Talk about that.

MD:  I also personally love shooting in front of stark, minimalist facades as it helps keep the focus on the outfit.I think this brings an architectural feel to a lot of my photos, many of which are shot in front of raw concrete and similar textiles. I also enjoy shooting in urban environments because this is the area around where I live (inner Sydney) and is the everyday context of my life.

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MC: How has growing up in Sydney helped to shape your style into what it is today?

MD: I generally dress pretty informally and relaxed, which is representative of the average personality of a lot of Sydney-Siders. Another big influence living in Australia has over my fashion choices is, sadly, a lack of any heavy coats or jackets.

MC: Where does the inspiration behind each individual outfit come from?

MD: While I do get some inspiration for outfits from seeing people in the fashion industry, celebrities, or even characters in TV shows/movies wearing outfits, I generally just throw on whatever pieces take my fancy on any given morning. I find that whenever I try and overthink outfits or recreate something I’ve seen somebody else wearing, it never feels quite right.

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MC: One of the takeaways from your outfits is your choice of denim jeans and the wide variety of energetic and youthful brands. Which are your favourites and why?

MD: I love Ksubi, partially because of their Australian heritage, but also because they probably have the most interesting range of washes and cuts compared to other brands in the price range. Apart from Ksubi, I love Nudie for basic washes of denim (their High Kai fit is a favourite of mine), A.P.C. for raw denim, and Cheap Monday for denim I’m not afraid to ruin at a concert, etc.

MC: You also seem in be a fan of denim in general. Why is that?

MD: I think that a lot of denim brands, or brands known for their denim – A.P.C, Nudie and ACNE to name a few, have really great minimalistic designs, and let their clothing speak through the quality and craftsmanship rather than flashy affectations or blind following of fads/trends. This really suits my personal style which revolves heavily around high quality basics.


MC: Three essentials for your wardrobe?

MD: Black skinny/slim jeans, a black tee and a black pair of sneakers (or boots). Most days I would wear one, two, or all three of these items (which I have many variations of). Most people may think of black clothing, or wearing all-black, as an easy way to look fashionable, or even just boring, but I find that it allows the quality, fabric, and textures of the individual pieces speak for themselves.

MC: Your go-to designer?

MD: I’m going to cheat here and name two – Alexander Wang and Ksubi. Alexander Wang for tees, hoodies etc, and Ksubi for denim.

MC: If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, which pair that you already own would you choose?

MD: This will be something a lot of other sneakerheads disagree with, but I would happily wear a pair of all black leather Converse Chuck Taylor High-Tops every day for the rest of my life. This is actually a question I pose to myself all the time, and my answer never changes. I love the simplicity, the quality for the price, the wearability, and most of all – the looks. It’s a shoe that will never go out of my rotation. 

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MC: What direction do you want to take your blog in the future? Where do you see it in 5 years?

MD: I think if it could move towards showcasing my day-to-day life (restaurants I visit, places I go, any travelling I do), rather than just showing what I’m wearing on a particular day, that would be my main goal. Hopefully in 5 years (optimistically I would hope less though) – it will be in this position.

MC: There is a lot of Kanye in your style and clothing picks (Yeezus layers, A.P.C. x Kanye collection pieces, jean stacks). How has he shaped or influenced you and your style?

MD: I am influenced by Kanye to an extent – he is one of my favourite musicians and undeniably a big figure in the fashion world at the moment, especially with the upcoming Kanye x Adidas collection. I personally look to Kanye’s outfits as an inspiration on how to wear particular items that I have bought, or want to buy, to get an idea of new ways to wear them that I hadn’t thought of. I do this with sneakers he wears or has worn, as well as pieces from collaborations he has done.


MC: What’s your current favourite trend in men’s fashion? Least favourite or most overrated?

MD: Well, since I live in the southern hemisphere, we’re actually just going into FW15, so I’m currently looking forward to different trends than everyone in America or Europe. What I’m looking forward to the most as a small trend for the Australian FW15 is shearling lined and collared jackets – I think these could take off, and there will be a lot of them featured in my looks in the coming months.

Looking north however, my favourite SS15 trend is pastel pink, which seems to be popping up everywhere in menswear at the moment – I think small hits are the best way to do it (socks, a hat, shoes). 

The most overrated trend at the moment in my opinion is drop-crotch shorts and pants. I know this isn’t exactly a new trend, and labels like Rick Owens, Julius and Commes Des Garcons Homme have been doing it for years, but I still can’t understand this look at all, and it never seems to look good on me (although I’ve seen other people pull the look off on occasion).


For more of Matt, check out his blog here and follow him on instagram (@mattthw).


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