Fashion Basics: How to Wear the Plain White Tee

With the summer in full swing, we can’t help but have a desired outfit that keeps you not only looking, but feeling cool. The plain white tee fulfills that lust as a simple fitted t-shirt can be paired off with multiple looks and is both effective and effortless in the streetwear game. This season’s demand is comfort and activewear trim and this particular fitted aesthetic rules mens streetwear.

The look is simple and productive while paying homage to a timeless fashion piece. Looking at a blend of mediums the charcoal camo colourway provides a minimum level of service to the outfit while still proving the white tee as the focal point. Camo print is an inspiration to many designers as new pattern schemes develop and change with trends but the devotion to military wear remains dominant. Our model shows off how the white tee is an essential item in the wardrobe and the versatility it presents with various accessories.

The accessories are nothing less than crucial when dealing with this outfit, as the addition of an off-colour, being the navy baseball cap, ties the attire together. This is due to the lighter hue, which does not fade or compete with the camo pants. Off colours can provide a break to an entire outfit and continue to provide subtle compliments – essentially it enhances and gives that tone on tone look that is desirable for many outfits. The baseball cap is a healthy addition that cohesively intertwines with the white tee to pull the outfit together.

Accessories can set the tone for the intended style of the streetwear look as the rebellious perception is complimented with skull rings and a bad ass bullet chain. Accent pieces are critical when it comes to having a minimal approach to style, the devils details. It’s about making a statement without overstating. The bullet accessory is a personal favourite because it draws the eye in and lets the fitted v-cut white tee do the rest of the talking.

Footwear can make or break an opportunity to look polished and reformed regardless of style and a popular choice is the oh-so-classic Converse Chuck Taylor, with the all-black high-top silhouette making an appearance to complete this outfit. Whether cuffed or uncuffed, tapered or loose fitting jeans, these shoes are just as versatile as the white tee. The sought after bunched look provides levels for the eye to play with and in turn has a slimming effect on the body.

The summer weather dictates fashion on a daily basis, and the white tee stays fresh from the beginning to end. Whether it be a simple statement piece or a premium layering item, the white tee remains more than relevant. Sometimes classics are reborn, which can be done through the cut and material of the white tee. The scoop tee is a prime example of how a classic can re-establish dominance in the streetwear game. The offwhite tee offers the same statement as the white tee with added flair and sophistication.

When you find yourself in need, the fashion friendly white tee will be your salvation and saviour. Fashion connoisseurs alike take notice to a crisp plain white tee, there’s just an unspoken understanding to certain articles of clothing. Understanding fashion basics in streetwear is a step toward fashion being instant language, you can drawn from inspirations or inspire others with creative and bold choices. The ascetically pleasing white tee is simple, effective and is a must have in every closet.

Photographer: Stephanie Montani

Model: Jesse Castillo

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