Fashion Basics: How To Wear Denim Shirts and Jackets


Having gone in and out of style multiple times over the decades, denim is no stranger to trends. We are currently living in a fashion world where denim finds itself as an essential staple for every type of person the world has to offer. In particular, denim button-up shirts and denim jackets finds itself as a modern essential in menswear worldwide. As shown in our shots with Matthew David, both are an effortlessly cool look that can be worn to achieve any desired style, from an awkward coffee date to a wild Friday night. Though the characteristics surrounding the material has drastically evolved over the decades, denim’s roots still inherently come from blue collar worker wear many decades ago. Hence, the ultra masculine feel that it does and always will give off.

Looks aside, denim is known for its practicality. Whether it’s a denim skirt, denim vest, denim shorts or denim dress, come rain or shine the rugged fabric excels in doing its job while bringing a refreshing sense of variety to any wardrobe. A denim top is something that can be completely acceptable to wear in the summertime under the sun, but at the same time is able to provide great protection against the unwelcome autumn winds. The option to wear denim year round is in large a reason why it is labelled as an essential to many.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Play Around with Interesting Layering

Leaving buttons undone, shirt untucked or jacket unzipped are popular choices for dressing according to the weather, while at the same time provides a plethora of different accents on the same piece of clothing. Layering over a tee, long sleeve, henley or tank top are all equally great compliments to the denim shirt in their own way. Furthermore, we have the option of open or buttoned up when it comes to additional layering options. One unique look that we really like is an unbuttoned white henley under an open denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

2. Experiment with Different Ways to Wear the Same Shirt

The glory with any button-up shirt is the variety of different options you get with just a single item. Similar to the previous look, buttoning a few of the top buttons can give a whole new look on an outfit than wearing it completely unopened, which is more casual. By completely changing the way an outfit looks, you not only have different style options, but you receive practical benefits for a variety of different occasions and types of weather.

3. Grunge is a Failsafe Way to Wear a Denim Jacket

When it comes to denim of all sorts, the endless layering options to play around with are far superior than any other sort of upper body garment. A great option to switch it up from the usual plain white v-neck or speckled grey long tee is the alternative grunge route. Rock tees, vintage sweatshirts and a pair of rugged boots are all great pieces to fit this look, giving off that rebellious rockstar vibe from the 90s. Although this appearance can be used with denim jackets of all kinds, it particularly pairs great with a distressed one. Try not to overdo it though and avoid wearing distressed jeans with a distressed jacket or shirt.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of a Denim Overload!

Wear denim shirts and jackets with jeans, and even try wearing all 3 together. Formerly the one of the biggest no-nos in fashion of any sort, denim on denim has slowly crept its way back into style. The key to pulling of double denim is to make sure there is some sort of variation in the shades of the individual pieces to avoid the Canadian Tuxedo look. Opting for contrasting tones makes it easier to pull off the look, while different washes blend the similar looking fabrics seamlessly. With that being said, a popular choice among the fashion educated tends to be a jacket with a darker hue paired with a pair of lighter washed jeans. If you want to take the extra step and add a third denim layer under the jacket, an even lighter shade will compliment perfectly without looking too forced.

It’s easy to see why both denim shirts and jackets fall under the category of year-long menswear must haves. Having been in and out of fashion for many decades now, the look has naturally evolved to the slim-fit, mid-weight and light wash styles that we see many fashion icons like Kanye West, A$AP Rocky and Justin Timberlake incorporate into their style today. The core rugged, practical and blue collar origins are still very present, but no longer define the style nor the wearers of denim. No matter who you are, what you do or where you’re going, denim has something to offer you.

Thanks to Matthew David (@mattthw) for his help with the photos are content. Check out his blog for more of his style.

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